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In public places wayfinding seeks to provide information without detracting from the space or its features. It can also play a role in fostering a sense of place through art, interpretation or technology, communicating the significance behind an exhibit, feature or place.

<p>Interactive touchscreen panels</p> <p>Gallery and donor recognition signage</p> <p>Donor recognition wall</p>
Interactive touchscreen panels
The National Music Centre at Studio Bell

We provided Studio Bell with signage services including branding, donor recognition, signage and wayfinding delivered through a design-build service model. Modulex Infinity Basic was used throughout the interiors; its clean lines the perfect counterpoint to the space’s unique curves and materials.

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Civic / Cultural Projects

Cygnus has brought very creative design skills to the multifaceted task of signage in an art gallery, as well as a disciplined project management mindset. They have worked very well with the many stakeholders to solve the numerous challenges which the AGA encountered on this project.

— Allan E. Scott, Art Gallery of Alberta
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