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Hospitals can be stressful places. As large, often complex sites, they can be difficult to understand and navigate. Good wayfinding design helps to promote a more positive experience by minimizing stress and anxiety for patients, their families, visitors and staff.

<p>Hospital interior wayfinding signage</p> <p>Hospital interior wayfinding signage</p>
Hospital interior wayfinding signage
Royal Alexandra Hospital

Founded in 1899, Royal Alexandra Hospital is one of Canada’s largest and longest serving hospitals. It provides more than 120 general and specialized surgical health services, including a 24-hour emergency department and services an area that amounts to one third of Canada’s total land mass. Located in the heart of Edmonton, Royal Alexandra Hospital operates more than 650 beds and cares for nearly one half million patients annually.

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Healthcare Projects

Cygnus has designed a thoughtful and sustainable [wayfinding] program... The signage program we now have in place has helped... by reducing stress on visitors navigating through the facilities, and promoting more positive health care visits particularly as our sites increase in size and complexity.

— Diana Smith, Alberta Health Services
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