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Retail environments are thoughtfully planned spaces, designed to encourage and maximize consumer activity. Wayfinding contributes to enjoyable shopping experiences by minimizing frustration and promoting hassle-free access to and throughout a site.

<p>Exterior wayfinding & dynamic parking management</p> <p>Exterior illuminated wayfinding signage</p> <p>Exterior wayfinding signage & dynamic parking information</p> <p>Detail of exterior wayfinding signage</p>
Exterior wayfinding & dynamic parking management
Chinook Centre

Cadillac Fairview’s Chinook Centre is home to over 250 stores, three major department stores, and a large Cinema. Chinook Centre aims to be Calgary’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination. The food court is one of the largest in Canada, with seating for over 800 guests. The architectural and interior design aims to promote a comfortable and relaxing shopping experience, with plenty of natural light and large open spaces.

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Retail Projects

Throughout the design phase Cygnus kept our needs in mind and developed a concept and then a final product that surpassed our expectations... I would highly recommend Cygnus to other clients.

— Debbie Harvie, UBC Bookstore
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