Profile About Cygnus

In the broadest sense, our work is about developing and managing communication strategies for the built environment. This work encompasses a range of distinct but closely interrelated fields, including: wayfinding, environmental graphic design, brand implementation, placemaking, and signage.

We Think Differently

We believe in the constant pursuit of “a better way” and we’re not afraid to do things differently if it means better outcomes for our clients and the end users of their spaces. Our approach is interdisciplinary and highly collaborative, resulting in solutions that span multiple touch-points.


We have experience in all stages of a project, from strategy to implementation.

30+ years of experience and collaboration between our designers, project managers and material specialists, provides us with a unique understanding of the entire lifecycle of a project. We marry strategic goals and design values with material knowledge and implementation experience. We consider the importance of community, architecture, landscape and identity together with issues of maintenance, flexibility, cost and longevity. Our approach creates efficiencies and project cohesion, and results in innovative, best-in-class solutions that are delivered within budget and on schedule.

Our People

Our multi-disciplinary staff includes a range of specialized graphic, industrial and information designers; project managers; and product & material specialists; who collaborate and compliment one another, producing innovative solutions that are both creative and practical.

Our Values

We believe that success relies on how we work with our clients and each other. While business results are important, the values and ethics we embrace to achieve them are equally important to who we are as a company: People First, The Environment, Innovation, Transparency, Integrity and Leadership.

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