Services Implementation

Successful implementation requires the collaborative strength of a specialized team of experienced individuals. Skillful project management helps to tie this process together, efficiently blending the knowledge of designers, fabricators, and other contractors, all working in tandem to successfully realize the project vision.

Managed Implementation
Managed implementation is a completely integrated process that results in an efficient, fluid and streamlined process. Services include procurement, project management, installation coordination, quality assurance, management of deficiency resolutions, commissioning, evaluations, and close out. The process prevents breakpoints, ensures budgets and timelines are met, and creates a single point of accountability.
Tender & Contract Management
Tender requirements can vary considerably from project to project and practical experience is necessary in order to respond accordingly and to apply appropriate resources to ensure project fluidity and efficiency. Extending on from the tender phase, our team’s experience adds value to the contract management process by leveraging extensive material knowledge and exceptional project management capabilities.
Ongoing Program Management
Program longevity is achieved through consideration of a system’s entire lifecycle and the development of processes that address the efficiency and cost effectiveness of upkeep, reduction of waste, and incorporation of new technology and advancements as they become available. Our process and dedicated resources support ongoing requirements, ensuring that programs maintain their value, relevancy and effectiveness.
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Throughout the design phase Cygnus kept our needs in mind and developed a concept and then a final product that surpassed our expectations... I would highly recommend Cygnus to other clients.

— Debbie Harvie, UBC Bookstore
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