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Projects benefit greatly by beginning early, allowing time to consider all potential touch points and enabling the ideation of rich, meaningful and long lasting programs. Our process involves stakeholders early on, nurturing a collaborative process, bringing experts to the table and revealing opportunities for project success.

Program Advisory
We work to understand and respond to our client’s business objectives, operational practices, infrastructure, resources, and communications strategies. Our process is designed to reveal opportunities for improving program performance in the near and long term by managing risk, creating added value and identifying processes to ensure program longevity.
Research & Assessment
Research is a key component of a productive discovery process. This process helps by establishing facts; solving new, perceived or existing problems; and as a way to test new ideas. Our capabilities include detailed analysis, site auditing, historical research, international and regional benchmarking, review of published evidence, and user interviews.
Master Planning
A master plan sets out a long range vision for a place and establishes an understanding of the functional relationships between users and spacial environments. Our process includes developing site hierarchy and nomenclature, defining guiding principles for design, and identifying program elements including signage, art and interpretation.
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Cygnus has demonstrated their commitment to excellent customer service. They are professional, accountable and reliable at all times. In my experience, Cygnus has never failed to deliver anything but the highest quality of customer service and client care.

— Lindsay Litzenberger, Trillium Health Centre
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